Tuesday, November 27, 2007

world falls

today is just one of those days...i'm probably getting a sinus infection, but it makes me feel more sensitive, more observant of things i wouldn't normally be, more emotional. (and this makes me smile for some reason)

it's one of those days where i feel very blessed and even lucky to be a part of things going on around me. even the stuff that most frustrates me, still seems to somehow fit perfectly into the tapestry of the world.

the sun coming through the windows is beautiful. the kids playing bionicles in front of one of the windows are brilliant...the saying "we are spiritual beings having a physical experience"comes to mind because my children are more in touch at times with their spiritual sides than i think i, personally, can ever hope to be.

it is still cool, but warming a bit. i am grateful for this because hopefully the heater will not run as much, although we had two humidifiers going last night and i think there might have been less coughing this morning. but the weather still inspires me.

the work we have to do today is something i look forward to rather than dread. this, alone, is enough to convince me that there is something unique happening in the universe today....

i look forward to our vacation in january...snow...whee....this, too, makes me smile.

i am grateful for the tribes i belong to--families, mamas, friends...they teach me, challenge me, support me, and just grow me into a better person each day. i hope i can be the sort of friend they have been to me...

ok, enough sap...

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