Wednesday, November 7, 2007

trucking along (without the truck)

snicker... this is a very clever title line if you have lived my life for the past four days. if you haven't, well, i'll try to explain, but it probably won't be as funny.

N drives a truck. well, it's an it's truckish enough for me to call a truck. he lost his keys sunday. monday, he drove my van to work, spoke to a dealership nearby, had them make him a key based on his vin and picked it up monday evening. tuesday, i dropped him off at work and when he got out, he used his key to unlock his car and try to turn it on, but it wouldn't work. apparently, ford installed chips in all of their keys after 95 or 96, and since his is a 2000 (or somewhere thereabouts) it has this magic chip in it that if it is absent, well, the fuel pump won't work. soooo....N took my van to work again today, had our car insurance company tow his truck to the dealership, where they will reprogram a chip in a new key, and we can pick it up at our convenience. i LOVE our CONVENIENCE....bahahhaha

i don't mind that N forgets and loses stuff all the time. he's a busy guy. i'm not ruthless or anything. but i do get a little impatient when we're all working to take care of this together and we have to put up with his pissy attitude...."i'm so pissed" he says a lot. i take this to mean "i'm so upset at myself because i lose stuff and then have to waste what free time i have taking care of the things i've lost...and then the fact that this is something i'm always getting after the children about is a little embarrassing, too..." but sometimes i wish he'd elaborate on his own. and be a little more forgiving to himself and maybe then to the kids. because he falls short as much as they do on this losing shit theme. i don't know why he doesn't put everything where it belongs, and i don't know why they don't. i really don't know why even though i don't put everything where it belongs, i tend to at least remember where i put it...just another one of my super powers (along with breastmilk making) i suppose. but it's just a fact of life. getting mad about it is like getting pissed off that the ground gets wet when it rains. (or your car seats get wet when it rains which is another thing that happens often to my husband...but if he'd put the windows up?...oh, i'm digressing...)

so that's how we're trucking along, without the truck. i bought enough food yesterday to make and freeze and whatever else meals for at least a week, if not longer. and we have to go out to dinner for the soccer party tonight...doh. i'm already baking a chicken for the broth and whatever else...and i'm going to make this turkey lentil soup, even if it is freaking 80 degrees out by the end of the week... pumpkin bread, banana bread. i've got some stuff to do. and the damned wallpaper..... yeah, trucking along...

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