Monday, November 26, 2007

maybe time to slow down a bit

so it was slow waking up around here this morning. my eyes feel like there is sand in them and i hear lots of coughing going on all around me. thirteen year old has already told me he doesn't feel well--throat hurts and headache behind the eyes. nine year old looks cheery as always and four year old was downright grouchy upon wake up this morning... so we're going to have chicken and rice soup for breakfast and hope for the best... and i'll get their humidifier running by this afternoon...i'm hoping this is just the heater messing with everyone.

and the heater HAS been in overdrive, because it is damned cold here. (and i love it) it's nice... with christmas a month away and advent starting this weekend, it's cool that even the weather is cooperating with the whole mood of it all. it is cold...bbrisk (typo but i liked it)...makes you want to get stuff done. and if you can get it done inside in the warmth, even better. i will be doing lessons today with my guys, probably paying some bills, doing some online shopping, doing some laundry, and maybe even pulling out christmas stuff today. oh, and taking care of my guys, too...because as much as people feel pulled to hurry and get things DONE this season, i'm determined to take my time and feel it....actually put myself there...not just some shadow of "secretary".... and with these four beautiful people (+ dad) to share things with, why not be "present" to share with them all?...

it's going to be a good one...

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