Tuesday, November 13, 2007

music and dumb things

when we go to the rock climbing gym, they usually have music playing pretty loudly. some of the mamas can get kind of particular about the music being played, but for the most part, it's good music. e usually tells me he likes it. today, he said, "i've heard this good song in your car, mama." it was bob marley. a few minutes later, o comes up to me making sure i can see he's singing, "stand up for your rights." and then a few minutes ago, i heard my oldest tell his dad that today they played bob marley and the wailers at the gym. a dead cockroach can sit in the middle of the floor and not a one of them notice...they frequently shout things to each other and whoever is being shouted to doesn't even hear...but they all noticed the same song today. i love that kind of stuff... (well, s hasn't mentioned it, but 3 out of 4 is still remarkable...)

tonight we watched batman. the one with michael keeton and the joker. toward the end of the movie, as the joker's on parade, e starts saying, "why are they acting like the joker's cool? he's not. batman's cool. the joker's dumb." now...there are some words that are what e calls "mean words." shut up is one. dumb and stupid are also mean words. so it was kind of interesting to watch him sitting in my lap, muttering under his breath, "the joker's just dumb. he's just dumb. batman's not dumb. the joker's dumb." i would quiet him every once in awhile, but it was interesting to me. i think in adult terms, he was saying, "what an asshole motherfucker." i think it felt empowering to him. and what can i say? the joker is mean and nasty and scary and unpredictable and dangerous and hurtful. he's dumb!

ok, i'm driving to get my car fixed tomorrow. two and a half hours away. i am not sure why i am so freaked about it, but i can't seem to shake it, so i'm on "get through it" mode. hopefully, i'll be back tomorrow night. if not...by thursday. dear god, don't make it last til friday....sigh....
peace out

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Anonymous said...

I hope you made it ok, mama.